Electrical Training

REDUCE DOWNTIME, help your electricians to troubleshoot faster on the floor

Efficient training methodology

We review the theory on how to read a schematic, the directly apply the theory on practical exercises. Our trainer will be beside your electrician(s) to instruct the proper control troubleshooting techniques making sure they understand all the steps to follow in industrial electrical troubleshooting.

Your electricians will learn how to:

  • Read much faster PLC ladder diagrams
  • Better use their multimeter
  • To troubleshoot much faster and with better accuracy

Course training overview

Each training unit consists of a Training Manual & Test Booklet, and an Instructor Guide.

Part 1

Full understanding of Electrical ladder and European diagram Drawing

Part 2

Fundamatals of Electrical Troubleshooting

Part 3

How to use properly a multimeter to understand its functions and readings (Current, Resistance & continuity)

Part 4

Pratical Hands-On troubleshooting exercises on an electrical control panel

Duration of individual training :

1 day in company including a theoretical component and a practical component on our equipment.

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